Rock Prairie Perfoming Arts Association

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The Rock Prairie Performing Arts Association started as one band, the U-Rock (now UW-Rock County) Community Band at the UW Two-Year College's inception in 1967. The groups founding philosophy was to be open to U-Rock Students, Alumni, Community Members, and other Students as a means to provide music to the South Central Wisconsin/ North Central Illinois area.


Our groups have grown into more than just the Concert Band, they are;


UW-Rock County Concert Band
UW-Rock County Chamber Orchestra
UW-Rock County Jazz Band

UW-Rock County Youth Orchestra

UW-Rock County Jazz Combo
UW-Rock County Summer Band
Rock Prairie Festival Orchestra

All of the groups (formerly known as Rock Prairie and known again under the U-Rock/ University of Wisconsin - Rock County banner) are still all based at UW-Rock County, but we are a Non-Profit Music and Arts Source and booster organization for Artists relying mostly on the donations, both internally and from our audiences.

The Rock Prairie Performing Arts Organization is a group of volunteer community members  and musicians from the Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois area. The purpose of the RPPAA is a booster organization designed to bring artists and the public together to enjoy the highest quality performances for our growth and interests.